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Title: The relation of patients’ treatment goals with physical activity during hospitalization in acutely hospitalized older patients

Contactpersoon: B.C. van Munster
Telefoonnummer: 050-3613921
Afdeling: Universitair Centrum Ouderengeneeskunde
Stage is geschikt voor: WO-master
Opleiding: Geneeskunde
Stage is coronaproof: Ja
Lengte: 6 maanden

Keywords: physical activity, accelerometry, goal setting, older patients, acute hospitalization

Samenvatting (250 words): Each year 800.000 adults aged 65 years and older, visit the Emergency Department (ED) of hospitals in the Netherlands, and this number is increasing. Older patients represent 33% of all ED visits and of these older adults visiting the ED, 35% is admitted to the hospital. Especially in older adults, acute hospitalization might result in new impairments in physical function or limitations to activities of daily living. These changes might be partially due to physical inactivity during hospitalization. Physical activity, defined as bodily movement that expends energy, during hospitalization has a positive impact on physical and psychosocial outcomes among older adults during and after admission. Another factor possibly influencing outcomes of hospitalization is goal setting. Once treatment plans align with the patients’ goal, treatment outcomes are shown to improve. These patients’ goal might influence the amount of physical activity during hospitalization and treatments patients receive. However, no studies have looked thus far at the relation between physical activity during hospitalization and treatment goals set by patients. Therefore, this will be the aim of this research project.

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