New Zealand “The Prequel”

Five blessfully annoying things people ask you before leaving

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Hidde is pretending to work hard in New Zealand at his final internship at a General Practitioner's practice. To further try to convince people he is not only doing outdoor sports, he will share his experiences with us, but first: a prequel. 

As I’m writing this, I'm preparing to depart tomorrow. In a medical centre in Kaikohe, New Zealand, I’ll complete my six years - plus a few months - of studying medicine by doing a general practitioner’s internship. This internship (semi-artsstage) will take me a little over three months, after which I’ll explore its (supposedly) extraordinary beauty. Through a few articles like this I would like to take you with me on this medical exploration and share some of my experiences with you all. Starting even before I leave with these five blessfully annoying things people ask you when you are about to leave.

O, and why am I writing in English? Well, just seems fitting while writing about an English speaking country, doesn’t it?

1. Did you take care of everything?

No, I didn’t. Thank you for mentioning it, maybe I should. Pray tell, what should I take care of exactly?... YES OF COURSE I DID! You blundering fool, why even ask me this silly question, I’m leaving tomorrow!

2. New Zealand? Awesome! How did you manage to get that internship?

Well, a friend of a friend whose sister works with the aunt of a doctor in… No, I just checked the website for internships abroad, and here I am. It really isn’t that difficult, you should know that being a medical student yourself. Just go for it!

3. What about leaving your lover for five months?

Generally, people ask this with him/her standing right next to you, creating a very, very awkward situation. ‘Mind your own business!’, you want to scream. Why put us in this position? How can I possibly not make matters worse when I answer this? So f*ck off, and go watch GTST for your daily dose of drama.

4. Are you nervous?

Uhm, yeah! Even when I was about to start an internship in the Netherlands for the twelfth time, I hardly slept the night before, I’m just autistically change-fobic like that. Imagine how doing this halfway across the world makes me feel! Even when you are not like that, the long flight (including transfers: 40 hours!), leaving family and friends, and practicing medicine in a very different environment are bound to make your belly tingle a bit. Isn’t that just excitement? Well...

5. Are you excited?

... Yes of course, how else could I possibly answer? Was it suppósed to be rhetoric? Even though I’m shitting my pants, I know full well it’s going to be amazing! How amazed would you be if I answered ‘No. You know what? On second thought, I’m staying here, thanks for asking that question’?

Blessfully annoying though
I suppose getting asked these questions so often is my own fault for trying to say goodbye to as many people as possible in the two weeks before leaving. But I have to admit, mostly they come from lovely interested friends with the right intentions. Which is why I called them “blessfullyannoying”.  Although I do suspect that the people who went to my goodbye-drink really just wanted to make sure I was actually leaving. To them I say: don’t despair, I will be away for a while, so raise your glass and celebrate! Who knows, planes do crash sometimes.